4. Aesthetic Philosophy


Remember when wardrobes were considered complete when they consisted of 10 essential pieces, leaving their wear to the imagination and improvisation of the wearer? Fast fashion’s planned obsolescence has fed into the desire to wear something new and fashionable often, significantly shortening the buying cycle for customers and resulting in ‘disposable’ clothing.

Our aim is to design and produce clothing that can be worn all year-round, using classic lines that encourage versatility. Our pieces are minimalist, steering clear of trends, with the idea of bringing our clothing back to basics.

Most of our pieces are multifaceted in design, meaning they can be worn in multiple ways. We believe by reducing the ‘boredom’ factor of clothing having a one dimensional design we are also reducing ‘throw away’ culture, by maximizing the wearability of a single garment.

This also solves the issue of keeping things fresh for our customers and pushes our creativity as well, emphasizing functionality and comfort, allowing the garments to accompany our customers through everything that life throws at them.

In order to make our clothing as inclusive as possible, we have also designed our pieces with a ‘one-size fits most’ approach. Our aim is to have our clothing evolve with our customers and their bodies. We want to minimize their wardrobes, which will ultimately also reduce wastage, because no one should have to replace their entire wardrobe just because their bodies have changed. Our goal for our customers is to give them freedom, to allow them to enjoy themselves without having to think twice about if their clothes are appropriate or functional in whatever situation.

Clothes should fit you, you shouldn’t have to fit the clothes.