Pure Waste

When we embarked on creating our brand, we wanted to collaborate with suppliers that understood our thought process and shared our values.

Pure Waste was a great fit for us. Using Nordic traditions of recycling, Pure Waste has dedicated itself to using waste materials, re-purposing them, and producing sustainable garments.

Check out this amazing video of how they make t-shirts from collected waste materials, at theirfacility in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu (the hosiery capital of the world), which is also run on an ethical and sustainable basis.

We sourced our t-shirts from them to produce a limited collection of unique hand embroidered t-shirts, which encapsulates our ethos and does a good deed for the environment, saving 2700 litres of water per t-shirt.


Dastkar is an Indian NGO established in 1981 that works toward creating a support system for traditional Indian craftspeople, many of them women and village based, with the objective of helping them regain their place in the economic mainstream in India.

They organize workshops aimed at skills training, design innovation and product development, and organize regular bazaars enabling the craftspeople to sell their products directly to consumers, providing these communities with a source of permanent employment and sustained earning.


The Dastkar Andhra Marketing Association (DAMA)  provides design and technical support to over 450 weavers through handloom co-operatives located all across the state of Andhra Pradesh. DAMA guarantees 365 days of work to these weavers, no small feat!

DAMA opened their doors to us and allowed us to browse their extensive fabric collection in Hyderabad, which we plan to put to good use over our coming collections.




Naturaloom is a family run business that has been in the ikat dyeing and weaving business for over 40 years. Based out of Hyderabad in India, they work with a small team of dyers and about 10 weaving families, situated in villages across the Nalgonda District in Telangana.

Dedicated to keeping the tradition of ikat alive, they have worked steadily to grow their business and now work with many international brands, customizing patterns and endeavoring to bring ikat to western markets.