6. Connect with our clothing


We want our customers to have a connection with our clothing. Each piece comes with information about the team member that created it, allowing our customers to connect with the human hands behind it. 

Each piece we make is also unique, not just due to the craftsmanship that has gone into it, but also because all our items are produced in limited editions. So what you buy, you will never see on anyone else, down to the smallest detail like our signature ‘plus.’

We believe that clothes should be looked upon as an investment and to be cared for. They should be a reflection of your life.

We have provided well thought out care instructions for our clothing, which are suited to prolonging the life of the piece. 

We also highly encourage our customers to repair their pieces when necessary (if you’re stumped, contact us. We’ll guide you through basic repairs!), and if you fall out of love with something, recycle or donate the piece.