Time has really flown by since our India trip in October 2016, the one that kick started our brand. It was a wonderful experience to finally sit down with our team and walk them through the various pieces that we intended to produce for our first round. The learning curve, theirs and ours, was steep, and while we faced some challenges (life wouldn’t be very interesting without a few hurdles), it was very rewarding and affirmed our belief that we were on the right track.

We’re currently planning our next trip at the end of June, aiming to meet more fabric producers across India that work with small weaving associations. We’ll be starting in Delhi (where Meghna will show Sophie where she went to school), followed by Hyderabad and it’s amazing biryani, finally spending about 10 days with our team in and around Chennai, focusing on production for our second round.

We’ve been warned by everyone that this is probably not the best time to visit India, considering the monsoons are usually expected to land around this time in the north, but we’re no strangers to heat and humidity, actively seeking out the warmth after months of grey in Paris. We’re eager to see what new adventures await us!

Here’s a small glimpse of our last trip, featuring our team and our training sessions with them.