All about that ikat


If you go through our store, you’ll notice that we have an affinity for cotton ikat, having incorporated it into our wrap tops and dresses. But what is ikat, you ask? It’s basically tie & dye, no?


Ikat is a fabric style where fibres are dyed according to a pre-set pattern and then woven together. This is different from tie & dye where the fabric is first woven then dyed. The ikat dyeing and weaving process is intricate and fascinating (seriously, check out some online videos, we were mesmerized for hours), and lends itself well to cotton and silk.

It is widely believed that this style originated in Andhra Pradesh, India, and then spread along the trade routes, now found in parts of South-East Asia as well. The word “Ikat” itself is derived from the Malay word “mengikat” which means to tie or to bind. Ikat continues to remain a ‘cottage’ industry in India, the skill being handed down from generation to generation in the weaving community.

We were naturally drawn to ikat cotton, as it lent itself well to our design aesthetic and our purchase of the fabric directly benefited a weaver and his family. The fabric is also light and perfect for the coming warm months (yes, we used the plural of month, we’re optimists). Our wrap tops and cape like dresses are perfect for dressing up or down, allowing your body to breathe and soak in the summer.

Sounds good, right? Go ahead and try one of our pieces. Treat yourself.