This round goes to...


Our last leg of the India trip was focused on production. As our trousers were the runaway hit of our first collection, having sold out within 2 months of them going on sale, we decided to redo the design in new fabric, one of them being black, perfect for the minimalist wardrobe. We’re also adding some exciting new pieces, but don’t want to give too much away yet, so keep an eye out!

For the production phase, we spent an intensive week with our India team at the farm outside of Chennai. The first few days were all about training our team in the designs, where Sophie walked them through the patterns step-by-step. The second half was focused on getting actual production underway. We were also excited to kick-start the up-cycling part of our brand, finding a use for the scrap fabric that were leftover from our rounds of production. All will be revealed very soon.

Country living has its advantages. Fresh air, greenery, no traffic, and a general sense of peace. The biggest challenge we thought we would have to face was the lack of Internet during our down time and the unrelenting heat and humidity that is inevitable for July in South India. What we weren’t prepared for, however, was the wildlife that decided that it liked the inside of the farmhouse more than the outside.

We spent a total of 6 nights on the farm. And every night, we were beset by frogs inside the house. In the bedroom, in the bathroom, in the kitchen. Frogs everywhere. Initially, we tried to catch them and set them free (we being Sophie, Meghna was on video duty. After all, if it’s not on social media, it’s not real), as we had been told that where there are frogs, snakes are not far behind. And we don’t handle snakes well. However, after a few nights, we figured live and let live.

We also had a fruit bat for company inside the house, that managed to to get a concussion and knock itself out on one of our last nights. This too was coaxed outside of the house (by Sophie).

All in all, our stay was filled with adventures, some to be repeated we’re sure.

We will miss India but we’re happy to be in Paris, eager to get going on the next chapter for Instructions +.