Patience, patience and more patience


Anyone who’s worked in India will tell you that the key to getting anything done is time and patience. Meghna has been preaching this to clients for over 8 years, and inevitably this principle was put to the test during our trip this time.

In an effort to be more independent, for our 2 weeks in and around Chennai during our production phase, we had decided to rent a self-drive car that we could use depending on our needs. We had verified the car rental agency, had Meghna’s father check them out, spoken to them on the phone, made the booking online and prepaid for the car, and re-checked the booking 3 days before we were scheduled to pick up the car. So logically, it should have all been ok, right?

Well...this is India. Or TII, as we like to say.

When we went to pick up the car, the office was shut. In a flies buzzing around, no person in sight, kind of way. Immediate calls were made to the car rental agency, and we were informed that the office that we were supposed to pick up our car from had been shut 3 days before. Clearly, between us verifying the booking and us showing up to pick up the car, the company decided the office wasn’t commercially viable and decided to shut it down. To add to the confusion, the car that had been designated for us was about 300 km away. Best laid plans, eh?

Thankfully, we have a backup option, so we’re just out of pocket on time and good humour.

Moral of the story? Anything and everything is possible in India. Just have to take things in stride and believe that karma is actually a thing.