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Hi Hyderabad, again

We’re back in India for our 3rd round of production. An excellent way to start the year!

After a slew of early mornings to line things up for our team to get to work, we brought ourselves to Hyderabad to visit DAMA again, and Naturaloom for the first time, as part of our continuing endeavour to work with small artisans. They struck our eye on Instagram (how else does one find people these days?) for their colourful ikat fabrics.


Mahesh Ganji, whose family has been in the ikat business for over 40 years, was kind enough to walk us through their dyeing and weaving process and the intricate manner in which they construct the patterns on graph paper. We were dazzled by their array of designs and colours, and found it difficult to not just take samples of everything.


After a good couple of hours of him and his team patiently answering our questions about thread counts, single ikat vs. double ikat, we took our leave feeling inspired and vowing to return and visit their weaving center the next time.

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