3. Our Process


It is essential for us to have a connection with our team and spend time with them in India. This not only allows us to share our knowledge on production mechanisms (well, primarily Sophie’s knowledge) and attention to detail, we have also got to know our team personally (and Meghna brushed up on her Tamil, fast!).

We are in India at least twice a year—keep an eye on our Journal for updates—and are aiming to visit more regularly as we expand.

It is important for us to not have just ‘yes-people’ as part of our team, as we want this to be a collective experience with a mutual exchange of know-how. Our aim is to encourage these our team members to assert their independence, ask questions, and speak their minds.

We believe that supporting these local structures will inject value back into the clothing supply chain, ultimately having it paid forward. ‘Made in India’ does not have to be synonymous with ‘Made Cheaply.’