T-shirt - Tee 1 LFEF

T-shirt - Tee 1 LFEF

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This loose-fitted unisex t-shirt with its hand-embroidered phrase is the perfect item to add a little colour and statement to your outfit. No t-shirt resembles another, as we have given our team the freedom to choose colour combinations as they please.

For this t-shirt, we collaborated with Pure Waste, a Finnish company, that creates garments by recycling textile waste. The t-shirt may have very few, hardly visible specks of colour due to the colour separation process of the textile waste, making this an even more unique piece!

Embroidered by Ponmalar.

  • Loose fit

  • Unisex

  • Hand embroidered

  • 85% recycled cotton / 15% recycled polyester

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