Trousers - TR.1 B.2

Trousers - TR.1 B.2

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These unisex, Thai fisherman inspired trousers are made of black lightweight surplus linen fabric. Due to the traditional folding technique in the front, as well as the incorporated belt and the numerous belt loops these trousers adapt to different body shapes and the comfort of the fabric makes these trousers perfect for traveling without compromising on style.

Handcrafted by Dhanalakshmi.



  • Max. width of waist from side to side: 49 cm

  • Min. width of waist from side to side: 42 cm

  • Length of inner leg: 72.5 cm

  • Fits sizes S, M & L (if you're unsure about sizing, email us with your query and we'll guide you) 

If you have questions concerning your size please contact us.

  • Straight, loose fitted leg

  • Belt

  • 9 belt loops

  • Two side pockets

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