Instructions + is a Paris-based brand with international roots, creating clothing with purpose.

At the heart of the brand are Sophie, who has years of design and fashion experience, and Meghna, who has been involved in international business for over a decade. Motivated by our common interest in women’s rights and the dismal state of fashion today, we came together to try and shake up the status quo.

Dispirited by the current culture of fast fashion, with its ‘use and toss’ tendencies, we want to contribute positively to the fashion industry. The sector is overrun with cheaply manufactured products, exploitative manufacturing conditions, and clothes that come apart after a few uses.  

We want to engage our customer base by leveraging our individual experiences and varied backgrounds and assemble something that would represent our multi-ethnic origins (British, German, Indian, and French. We’re not kidding!), all while maintaining quality, style, and a desire to contribute to something bigger.

We are driven by a desire to promote conscious consumption. We would like to be able to provide our customers with a thought template, or set of instructions, if you will, that encourages them to look beyond the storefront and to ask questions when buying a piece of clothing.